First Omagh has a congregation that encapsulates and welcomes a broad spectrum of the local  community, from rural as well as town dwellers. They are friendly and outgoing.


The location of the church and adjacent manse to the town centre makes it a convenient location for all in the catchment area. There is ample car parking for worship and church activities and this is also available for church members during the week.

There is opportunity for mission within a close area, both to local people as well as a growing number of EU transients.

Over the past few years the church has explored mission in its broadest sense with our Minister and Session working together to develop different ways to encourage member participation and involvement in our church family and ultimately strengthening their faith with our Lord. We asked the congregation for assistance on the way forward and as a result have developed a mission plan. The Mission Plan examines where First Omagh is currently, including recent initiatives, states our aims and confirms our methods of achieving these, including recognising and correcting our weaknesses and building upon our strengths. We believe that this is a journey and part of God’s plan.

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